Mastering the Camera

Jeffrey Weissman is one of the North Bay's consistently working actor/director/teachers. His extensive training includes ACT, SFSU, SMCC and a broad range of experience in all media.

"Mastering the Camera" focuses on acting technique for film, television, industrials and commercials.

The course will cover audition technique, cold reading, making active choices that support the material, improv, character development, script and scene breakdowns, on set protocol, and more.

Students will participate in video-taped "simulated casting sessions" where they will learn, hands on, how to adapt to the mediums of film, and television. Students learn how to "keep their cool" in the high pressure environment of a movie set and the important task of marketing. Students learn how to put their "team" together for a successful career in the business.

Students will focus on script and scene breakdowns (into beats), character development, doing "business", finding the "arc" in the script and bringing their own traits and insights to bring the script's character to life.

Jeffrey uses theater games, professional script sides, improv, and the language of a film set to quickly move his students to advanced work. He focuses on what works for you to get the job. Each student is guaranteed time to concentrate on advancing his or her abilities.

As an actor, Jeffrey's long list of credits in motion pictures and television includes: Back to the Future sequels (as George McFly), Pale Rider, Twilight Zone the Movie, Johnny Dangerously, Dallas, Saved By the Bell, Diagnosis Murder, Max Headroom and many other features, TV shows, commercials and industrials. He has worked with: Clint Eastwood, John Lithgow, Robert Zemeckis, Steven Spielberg, Mark Rydell, Amy Heckerling, Louis Malle and many more.

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